Collecting Stories –Warm and Cozy


The old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. So when you see a naked man on the street picking up scraps of paper why not collect his story.

Of first glance one may assume that the naked man may struggle with a mental disorder, is homeless or perhaps is just plain fucked. But maybe the situation is not to be seen as a negative. Maybe he is just living, at that moment, for himself.

Unless you ask you may never know and that is exactly what my friend did. He called him over, sat the man down on the bench just outside of the bar, bought him a coke and asked, why? The man’s answer… because its warm and cozy.

He had a soft smile, was completely aware of himself and his surroundings, held a conversation and understood the discomfort his presence may bring to the bar staff. His reasoning was solely for him. He could have been a person simply out for a walk- just without any cloths on.

The man shared a bit about his life and his job. He then finished his coke, left the table, got into his car and drove off. There is no clear picture as to why he was in that location, what he would do with the items he picked up off the street and why he was naked but his answer is satisfying enough… because it’s warm and cozy.

Thanks for reading… Bc WHY NOT?

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