Berlin Performing Arts Festival


The biannual Performing Arts Festival (PAF) is currently taking place in Berlin. The kick off to the festival was Tuesday, June 5th and it runs through Sunday the 10th of June. With performances running from 10am to roughly 10pm in various locations throughout Berlin there is bound to be something for everyone.

You can check out the website here to find the specifics, to follow PAF’s blog written by students from Freie Universität, to locate the parties or to find more information about the guided tours offered to help walk you through the festival’s schedule.

As with any arts festival there is always plenty of affiliated/ nonaffiliated performances happening along side the outline program. Volksbühne is one such location. Despite its recently contested switching of directors it is arguably still dishing out some cutting edge performances.

What if Women Ruled the World? by Yael Bartana is taking the main stage TONIGHT. Just as the title suggests, it places the audience within the scenario of an all female governing national power. With a mix of actors as well as carefully selected guest panelists, Bartana’s work plays out similarly to that of the 1960’s movie Dr. Strangelove. Situated around a pointedly lit round table materializing from the dark surroundings, thirteen women discuss the ongoing and prevalent topic on everyone’s mind – nuclear disarmament.

With President Twiddler ‘s hand close to his big red button this governing panel of ladies must decide, will they keep one nuclear weapon in the name of defense, or as already proclaimed to the world, will their nation truly be the first to rid of all nuclear weapons?

Guided by President Olwen Fouéré and Vise President Anat Saragusti the five guests and six actors contribute in various ways to the conversation. The catch is, all the actors use their real names and contribute to this project within the realm of their professions. All invited guests also bring their expertise to the table. The point is that although the scenario is invented the topic is relevant and the contributions are by no means farfetched.

The invited guests change every show so no show is like the other. Unscripted conversation leads to tangents and at times weaves in and out of boring conversation to thought provoking ideas. One of the leading themes in my current thought process, empathy, continued to pop up in the performance held yesterday the 6th of June. Christina von Braun, a professor from Humboldt University, offered an interesting idea that masculinity increased as cultural increasingly gain power over nature- making the argument that historically men are seen as culture- culture as men- and women then naturally understood as nature.

This is just a taste. There will be more to come! A more in depth review of the show that was held on the 6th will be posted in the near future but for now this entry’s goal is to give you an idea of what is happening this weekend in Berlin and give you suggest something cool to do tonight! To find ticket information for What if Women Ruled the World? click here

Tomorrow night you can find me at KW Gallery’s opening!

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