Stop Sexual Assault


We are in the midst of what is considered the third wave of feminism. Within this wave surfaced, again, the dark reality of women’s so called sexual role- this objectifying, piece of meat identity enforced by a misogynistic society. One story after another is reported. One actor after another director, after another CEO or news anchor, these notable names hit the front pages and must read news. They leave the feeling of who will be next? What will the next name drop be?

#metoo has exposed the failed system. The number of accounts, the number of times each man is accused, once again highlights the continuous subjection women face and how little is done to stop or speak up against such sexual objectification- until now.

As per usual it is these big names that got the ball rolling. It is not the numerous accounts dealing with men and women who are not in the limelight. It has, therefore, become a bit of a Hollywood sensation. Yes, a sensation- a type of tabloid affair of the latest gossip.

It is important that these stories be heard. That those responsible are exposed and that justice is served, but once the tide settles, as it always does, the important question is what will come out of this? What will remain at the end of this wave of #metoo?

More men are being held accountable and more organizations, companies and governmental bodies are taking action. This might just be enough to create lasting change- to make a permanent step forward in women’s rights and identity. But take heed. Do not let the sensationalizing of this #metoo wave overshadow the true and important message that it is supposed to carry. Do not let these stories, this wave, get lost and cast aside.

Thank you for reading…bc WHY NOT?

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