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Defining beauty and definitions of what constitutes as beautiful is an ongoing conversation and will remain so. What is beautiful to me may not be beautiful to you, and the standards and battles of acceptance can be suffocating. Beauty is coupled with success, sex sells…

Social media in particular plays both an increasingly large roll in defining and, arguably more important, redefining beauty. We are entering a peek in Internet stars. Instagram and YouTube specifically are providing opportunities for people like you and me with enough time and dedication to add to the conversation and perhaps gain some fame.

Through this fame brands, like CoverGirl, are picking up these new Internet sensations. CoverGirl is a name I grew up with and a name you more then likely recognize- if not from their magazine then perhaps through America’s Next Top Model. I mention CoverGirl because it recently caught my eye. In this time of gender revolutions and a renewed wave of feminism, CoverGirl is keeping up. I applaud them, especially since they generally speak to a younger more malleable crowd.

Nura Afia
Talia Castellano

Cover boy James Charles, 17, was the first male to appear on the cover of CoverGirl. Nura Afia, 17, was the first female wearing a hijab to be featured. Talia Joy Castellano, a 13-year-old fighting cancer made an appearance. Maye Musk, 69, is one of CoverGirl’s latest ambassadors.

Maye Musk

Within the last few months CoverGirl has made a point to give space for various types of beauty by taking a stand to say religious values, an illness or age don’t have to detract from what constitutes as beautiful. Gender doesn’t need to define how one should choose to express beauty.

Although still arguably aesthetically mainstream, CoverGirl is one example of the changing trends and more unconventional models being casted. Across the board, from the beauty giants to the smaller niche fashion groups it would be ideal to dilute some common assumptions of beauty and continue to encourage the beauty in self-expression.


James Charles

I think it is important to stress that James Charles, Nura Afia and Talia Joy Castellano are praised for doing their own makeup. It’s always nice to appreciate talent. Charles and Afia were discovered through Instagram and/or YouTube.


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