Here is your chance to sit on a throne of gold!

New York Times

Ever wonder what it would be like to lie in a sea of millions or sit on a golden throne? Well if you are in New York before the end of September swing by the Guggenheim Museum for your chance.

In an exhibition entitled, funny enough, America, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan has molded an 18 karat gold toilet. It’s real gold and fully functioning. Over 100,000 people have already waited in line for their chance to know what it feels like to be supported by that much gold, to feel its cool metal on their bum and to leave their personal mark.

For me, this sheds a new light on the concept of public toilets. A place normally tiptoed around with grimacing facial expressions or one encountered only when your knees are buckled and your involuntary pee dance begins is now an attraction point, an art piece! Duchamp’s idea taken to the next level! Your answering of mother nature’s call will never be so sweet!

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