It’s not what it seems.


Hello everybody! My name is Jillian Meyer. I decided to take a crack at having my own blog. Some things may be insightful, others inspiring and others just plain dumb. However, this is a safe space for all of the above!

It may be one of many blogs with similar themes, but those aren’t mine! At times it will feature art and art reviews. It may contain events, random thoughts or ideas, but the point is also to create discussion. So, please feel free to respond (even if it is to tell me my grammar sucks), suggest a post idea, share a link or be a guest blogger!

A wise friend once pointed out that we all have our individual realities. Your reality is different than mine. What a truly fascinating, truly scary and none-the-less true concept. This blog will be attempting to share/make sense of my reality along side the realities of others. Bc WHY NOT? There is no right or wrong with self-expression.

And Bc WHY NOT?…One thing I have learned is to ask questions- never assume because things aren’t always what they seem.


Photo credit- Yana Pitenko

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10 thoughts on “It’s not what it seems.

  1. Hey there! It looks like youre having a good time- can’t wait to read more of your Adventures ❤️ If You ever wanna Explore the eastern (like… Really fucking eastern) Part of Germany- Im Living Here (Close to Leipzig!)now and it would be a pleasure to Show You everything and spend Time with You ? Just Sayin❤️ Xoxo

    1. Lisann! So good to hear from you! I hope all is well! Thank you for this awesome message! We can talk because I would love to come visit you! We need a catch up! xoxo

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