Collecting Stories –Warm and Cozy

The old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. So when you see a naked man on the street picking up scraps of paper why not collect his story. Of first glance one may assume that the naked man may struggle with a mental disorder, is homeless or perhaps is just plain fucked. […]

A Take on Empathy

Empathy goes beyond gender, beyond race, religion, sexuality and economic status. Empathy is a solution, and despite its complexity, a means of simplification. Something inherent yet simultaneously learnt. Empathy is our ultimate link to humanism – to understanding different realities and most importantly, without fear. It could be simple if it wasn’t so hard. So […]

10 Meter Tower

It is so interesting to test human limits -whether you are the one being tested, the testy, or an observer. There is much to learn from analyzing human emotions. The big question is: Would you jump or would you chicken out?   Bc WHY NOT? If you’d like, follow and like me: