“Please do stare, I like it”

Breaking down norms is easy. Said no one anywhere. However, in our current culture of individualism norms and what is deemed as normalcy has arguably never been so strongly questioned- this includes race, gender, sexuality, fashion, disabilities, careers, families… The fight to be seen, acknowledged, accepted as an individual among the many. The fight to […]

A Take on Empathy

Empathy goes beyond gender, beyond race, religion, sexuality and economic status. Empathy is a solution, and despite its complexity, a means of simplification. Something inherent yet simultaneously learnt. Empathy is our ultimate link to humanism – to understanding different realities and most importantly, without fear. It could be simple if it wasn’t so hard. So […]

C is for…. cookie. It’s good enough for me.

I continue to create because it makes me feel good. Even if I am simply re-filtering subjects that already have extensive research or repetition. There is always something new to offer when reformulating concepts or rationales to fit a personal understanding. And really, the answer always is…. Bc WHY NOT? Over the course of the last […]

Stop Sexual Assault

We are in the midst of what is considered the third wave of feminism. Within this wave surfaced, again, the dark reality of women’s so called sexual role- this objectifying, piece of meat identity enforced by a misogynistic society. One story after another is reported. One actor after another director, after another CEO or news […]

The culture of I

Products of capitalism, influenced by Freudian ideas and saturated in media, we are a culture of individuals. I reflect such individualism- the unending search for identity, self-understanding, self-worth, self-purpose and self-gain. Therefore, identity has become a common theme in my writing and art. Not solely constructed around the idea of self-struggle, but simply because there […]

World this is ME

As a kind of trilogy focusing on makeup, fashion, beauty and photography, here is to putting yourself out there. To being a creator and helping others to create- to marking a moment in time.   Photography byRodrigo Senattore Makeup byAlexandra Johansson   Thank you for reading… Bc WHY NOT? If you’d like, follow and like […]

My Day as a Model.

Video credit: @video.siren Watch the end 😉 Even for those who claim not to give a damn there is no way to avoid the world of fashion. Everyday we select our “chosen skin.” Our cloths are always an indication of self as well as our hairstyle and our makeup-or lack thereof. As a personal test, I […]

Some Thoughts About Art Fairs

Until recently I had never been so involved in or had even heard of some of the existing art fairs- Frieze London, Frieze New York, Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, The Armory Show, AB Berlin, FICA and FOG- just to name a few. Being well under the pay grade and not a high-end artist, the art market has always been a bit […]