Collecting Stories –Warm and Cozy

The old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. So when you see a naked man on the street picking up scraps of paper why not collect his story. Of first glance one may assume that the naked man may struggle with a mental disorder, is homeless or perhaps is just plain fucked. […]

Man with the bags- Berliner Bags

Starting your own business is not easy. Just ask entrepreneur Kees, founder of Berliner Bags. This man’s heart goes into every facet and the results are amazing.   Sometimes you win sometimes you learn. – Kees   Berliner Bags offers a variety of trendy and practical leather bags. The quality is guaranteed because Kees carefully […]

10 Meter Tower

It is so interesting to test human limits -whether you are the one being tested, the testy, or an observer. There is much to learn from analyzing human emotions. The big question is: Would you jump or would you chicken out?   Bc WHY NOT? If you’d like, follow and like me:

Dangerous Curves

Challenge yourself. Challenge preconceived assumptions. You never know if you don’t try. Check out this inspiring story driven by dedication as one woman battles to understand her self-identity, build her self-esteem and peruse her personal ambitions against presumed odds.   Bc WHY NOT?   If you’d like, follow and like me:


  This is an open call to gather creative works that highlight the fusion of the two worlds of art and science. We are looking for artists with a scientific focus or scientists who create art – whether it is it’s scientifically geared subject matter, mathematically minded, measured, patterned. The specifics are up to you. […]