Berlin Performing Arts Festival

The biannual Performing Arts Festival (PAF) is currently taking place in Berlin. The kick off to the festival was Tuesday, June 5th and it runs through Sunday the 10th of June. With performances running from 10am to roughly 10pm in various locations throughout Berlin there is bound to be something for everyone. You can check […]

Gallery Weekend Berlin

I refuse to support galleries that charge entry during Gallery Weekend. It defeats the purpose- KW for instance. The point is to promote artists, to promote art and to encourage accessibility. There are so many galleries that open their doors for the many eager to flow in and out as they please. There is so […]

Wand Erlism

Further elaborating on the trending art scene in Berlin, Wanderlism, a current interactive exhibition, brings street art indoors. With a mixed array of techniques, styles and found objects, Wanderlism fills a West Berlin building’s nooks and crannies. From old repurposed cars, swings and sofas to missing teeth, fake money, black lights, calligraphy, spray paint and […]

Colors through light and sound- SKALAR

In Berlin, where art is a prominent part of the culture and opportunities to lose ones self are sought after, all encompassing experiences are trending. One after another interactive, sensory loaded experience opens and the lines continue to grow longer. Kraftwerk is known to hold such exhibitions that appeal to the crowds. The building is perfect […]

Barbara Kruger-an artist’s message

Barbara Kruger is a conceptual artist and collagist. Trained as a graphic designer, she uses her knowledge of effective visual representations to get her points across. Recreated, often recognizable, magazine like images, simple colors schemes and carefully selected fonts all compliment the wittiness of her messages. Direct and aggressive Kruger challenges her audience. Kruger’s themes […]

Some Thoughts About Art Fairs

Until recently I had never been so involved in or had even heard of some of the existing art fairs- Frieze London, Frieze New York, Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, The Armory Show, AB Berlin, FICA and FOG- just to name a few. Being well under the pay grade and not a high-end artist, the art market has always been a bit […]

Venice and the Biennale

For those not interested in a review here is what to take from this: Check out Venice! Beautiful scenery, cool art, great food, superb coffee and tasty wine. You have until November 26th to check out the Biennale. Warning: Save your pennies! For those who want to read my overview of the Biennale, thank you, […]

Berlin is Art

  Can it really be considered illegal if it is socially accepted? The difference between being legal and illegal is a matter of permission, but whose permission? Street art has undergone various identities throughout its history of wavering acceptance and scrutiny. There is a cultural acceptance linked to location, which in effect then determines the energy of […]

Want to be a multimillionaire?

You have until the end of the year. Until exactly 12 am on Dec 31st 2017. In 1990, in the most extensive heist in the US to date, 13 masterpieces were taken from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. The masterpieces were created by artists including Rembrandt, Vermeer and Degas. Two men dressed as […]

Documenta 14- A review of sorts

Art, politics, politics art. Can the two truly be separated? Is art a political statement? Is everything not politicized? Is politics not an art? Art influences. Politics is influential. The point is to move, to create discussion, to provoke perspectives. This is art. Created by Hiwa K. Born in Kurdistan, Iraq, now living in Germany. […]