“Please do stare, I like it”

Breaking down norms is easy. Said no one anywhere. However, in our current culture of individualism norms and what is deemed as normalcy has arguably never been so strongly questioned- this includes race, gender, sexuality, fashion, disabilities, careers, families… The fight to be seen, acknowledged, accepted as an individual among the many. The fight to […]

Collecting Stories –Warm and Cozy

The old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. So when you see a naked man on the street picking up scraps of paper why not collect his story. Of first glance one may assume that the naked man may struggle with a mental disorder, is homeless or perhaps is just plain fucked. […]

Berlin Performing Arts Festival

The biannual Performing Arts Festival (PAF) is currently taking place in Berlin. The kick off to the festival was Tuesday, June 5th and it runs through Sunday the 10th of June. With performances running from 10am to roughly 10pm in various locations throughout Berlin there is bound to be something for everyone. You can check […]

Gallery Weekend Berlin

I refuse to support galleries that charge entry during Gallery Weekend. It defeats the purpose- KW for instance. The point is to promote artists, to promote art and to encourage accessibility. There are so many galleries that open their doors for the many eager to flow in and out as they please. There is so […]

A Take on Empathy

Empathy goes beyond gender, beyond race, religion, sexuality and economic status. Empathy is a solution, and despite its complexity, a means of simplification. Something inherent yet simultaneously learnt. Empathy is our ultimate link to humanism – to understanding different realities and most importantly, without fear. It could be simple if it wasn’t so hard. So […]

C is for…. cookie. It’s good enough for me.

I continue to create because it makes me feel good. Even if I am simply re-filtering subjects that already have extensive research or repetition. There is always something new to offer when reformulating concepts or rationales to fit a personal understanding. And really, the answer always is…. Bc WHY NOT? Over the course of the last […]

Wand Erlism

Further elaborating on the trending art scene in Berlin, Wanderlism, a current interactive exhibition, brings street art indoors. With a mixed array of techniques, styles and found objects, Wanderlism fills a West Berlin building’s nooks and crannies. From old repurposed cars, swings and sofas to missing teeth, fake money, black lights, calligraphy, spray paint and […]

Colors through light and sound- SKALAR

In Berlin, where art is a prominent part of the culture and opportunities to lose ones self are sought after, all encompassing experiences are trending. One after another interactive, sensory loaded experience opens and the lines continue to grow longer. Kraftwerk is known to hold such exhibitions that appeal to the crowds. The building is perfect […]