Start at the beginning


It all started with the tiredness brought on by shopping. Knowing what you want but not finding it, when the fit is just not quite right or perhaps it was the amount of people and the lines. Whatever the reasoning, it was in the midst of these mixed feelings that I said to myself, “I can make it”. From there, I went on Ebay Kleinenzeigen and bought an old, heavy German sewing machine for 20 Euros. My Meister! It was one of my best purchases because that initial idea turned into an avid hobby which can turn into…. The sentence, for the moment, is left unfinished. The excitement! The mystery! But seriously, my hobby became a passion and now I’m working to see where it may lead.

I drastically decreased my time spent shopping for cloths and now shop for fabric. Instead of just sticking to patterns I now find myself adapting those basic patterns to my vision. Slowly I began sketching my ideas. At first, only clothing that I would make for myself to wear but then I started to dream a bit bigger and began putting together concepts and runway shows. The excitement flutters in my chest as the possibilities open and something clicks. The endless ways to manipulate fabric, shape and environment move me.

I am fresh blood in a long-standing and prestigious industry. One bounded by traditions. Traditions that I respect but I feel can be stretched even further. Changes and adaptations have been made as cultural and societal values shift but like museums it is an industry so rooted that it has not quite shaken things up to its complete and full potential. Further reasoning as to why I am drawn to the industry. There are things I love and things I prefer to avoid and having an opinion matters. It is the starting point. It is your vision. It fuels creativity and that, in the end, is why I do it. The sensation of creating and Bc…WHY NOT?

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