London College of Fashion


I began to ask myself if the fashion industry is for me. I work full time but a lot of my free time is spent cutting patterns or sewing- after work and on the weekends I continue to sew for myself. After nearly two years I wanted to see what was next. Perhaps this was more then just a hobby. Being predominantly self-taught I wanted to begin to understand where my skill set and my ideas sit within the larger fashion community. Drawn to the prestigious fashion names and the structured academic opportunities I looked towards London.

For two weeks I took a course called Fashion Design: Intensive at London College of Fashion. The instructor made the class. She has immense knowledge of the field, gave great direction and shared a plethora of sources as well as and research tips. The course was fast pace and covered a lot of ground. In two weeks we covered what students may cover in one year. We essentially built a portfolio. Of course, there was not as much depth and we did not sew or produce our collection but we developed our concept, perfected a mood board, worked with collaging, practiced draping, did a live drawing, worked on creating a print design, built a paper 3D model, went fabric shopping for swatches and worked on finding our own personal illustration style in order to present our final mini collection. In two weeks.

I walked away with such a renewed sense of confidence and optimism. Having the time to focus solely on one project and run with it, with no time to second guess, the experience broadened both my skill set and my possibilities within the fashion industry.

Check out the post “All Eyes On You” to see my mini collection that I created at LCF.

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