“Please do stare, I like it”


Breaking down norms is easy. Said no one anywhere. However, in our current culture of individualism norms and what is deemed as normalcy has arguably never been so strongly questioned- this includes race, gender, sexuality, fashion, disabilities, careers, families… The fight to be seen, acknowledged, accepted as an individual among the many. The fight to be equally understood and appreciated from those who feel cast aside or outside of binary norms is the here and now.

Various factors contribute to perception of what is normal and various components can either fuel or hinder change- environment and age arguably being the largest two, but always under the close scrutiny of society. However, it is time to think outside of the box- never, of course, at the detriment to others- but to break down any limitations put on identifying the self.

This snippet is simply intended to solute those who are paving new ways. There is significant work to be done in fighting racism- specifically structural racism. There is actually something that we can learn from Tinder- there are now 37 different gender options. Gay marriage should be legal everywhere. Punkt. And that is just the start of the behavioral changes needed. Women shouldn’t have to choose between family and carrier. That is if the woman even chooses to have children. Two dads can be just as good as a mom and a dad. And lets not forget the old time saying, never judge a book by its cover. We need to let go of fear provoked by differences – particularly differences in appearance.

But rest assure, the binary ‘rules,’ the sense of entitled, narcissistic and/or misplaced authority will be things of the past. Such limitations won’t last in our time of change. It will take work, sweat, blood and tears- especially from the faces of such change, but it is not in vain. It is not so hard to imagine a world of real acceptance and equality and this world isn’t just for those whose differences stand out. It is also for those who fit into binary constraints. It serves as a way to give space for anyones true inner self – a safe space to let your freak flag fly. No matter how long it may take, get used to it because change is a comin.

In memory of Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest. The title is his quote.

Thank you for reading…Bc WHY NOT?

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