The Day when I knew I wanted to Vogue


On the Cover of Vogue Ball was a smash hit this past Saturday. The ball was in conjunction with the Irving Penn Centennial exhibition currently at C/O until the 1st of July.  Host by Zueria Mizrahi, a member of the Mizrahi voguing family, along with commentator Matyouz Ladurée and DJ Lucy Liu Ninja- these three laid the beats, explained and transitioned through the multiple categories while they encouraging the crowed to get up on the stage to show what they got. Meanwhile, the judges took note. Let me tell you, it was amazing!

The ball, as such events have always been called, was an open call for anyone with the courage to get up on the stage – the bigger, the more outrageous, sexy and/or confident the better. To give you an idea, some of the categories included face and catwalk, which required no dancing. Two categories asked to strut your feminism, another your masculinity. There was a special category for trans women. A few focused on costumes such as body modification, clear plastic, stairs and flowers.

One tip for any vogue ball, you better read the complete list of requirements for each category because if you were unprepared the judges would let you know. After the contestants would walk or dance their way down the runway to the judges, take it to the judges sang Matyouz, they would get an unanimous 10 from each judge or it would be a no. Those who advanced the first run would then continue to battle for the title.

The energy was thrilling, the talent was inspiring, the odd was so entertaining and the sense of community was real. From this moment I knew I wanted to learn how to vogue. It will take a lot of knee pads, stretching, Youtube videos and practice, to say the least, but just think, what if you could just bust out a death drop, or lets even say a dip, and have the crowd around you go wild!? To let go, be however you want, use your body and be accepted by the wide range of beautiful people in this vogueing world. Now that is a worthy life goal.

A quick over view of what I learnt so far, there are five main categories within voguing: hands, catwalk, duck walk, floor and spins and flips. Hands is unreal. See for yourself: And for a quick overview of the rest check it out: . You DON’T want to miss these. If you’re looking for the beginnings watch Paris Is Burning on Netflix, and then tell me you wouldn’t also LOVE to be able to bust these moves!

Here is a video from On the Cover of Vogue Ball taken by the one and only Feline xo! Enjoy!


Anyone out there, if you have any voguing tips plllleaassee share! Keep in touch if you would like to see my progress.

Thanks for reading…Bc WHY NOT?

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