Collecting Stories- What’s in a Poem


I met a guy in the park. He was selling words. Words of wisdom, humor, comfort? I started a conversation to find out.

His name is Ethan. He is from the US traveling with an old Portuges typewriter. If you ask, and pay him three euros, he will write you a poem. You can give him a word to inspire his writing or you can choose to let him write something off the top of his head.

I decided to see what was running through his mind.

Feels about the same.
No matter where you go,
It always relates back to what you saw first
Broken glass galore
Don’t walk barefoot here
Alas, they don’t listen
It ain’t German
They don’t talk much neither
Do I know you?
Well isn’t that why we’re talking?

His poem is more then just his impressions and expectations of Germany. It’s about that idea of familiar and unfamiliar. Even in unfamiliar places you can always find the relatable. Even when meeting new people it is never all that unfamiliar.

I chose not to ask him any questions about his poem and left happy with my exchange. I know he will be back and I decided, next time, I’ll give him a topic.

Thank you for reading…Bc WHY NOT?

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