Gallery Weekend Berlin


I refuse to support galleries that charge entry during Gallery Weekend. It defeats the purpose- KW for instance.

The point is to promote artists, to promote art and to encourage accessibility. There are so many galleries that open their doors for the many eager to flow in and out as they please. There is so many brilliant exhibitions and new names to discover. Even if you don’t consider yourself an avid art lover, hit the streets of Berlin this weekend to stretch your legs, enjoy the sun and see something new. Who knows, perhaps you will be inspired. If not, at least look for the openings with free booze. And don’t waste your time spending money on entry.

Here are some suggestions as I also make my way through some galleries:

Peres Projects- Rebecca Ackroyd
Neugerriemscneider- Pae White/ Olaf Eliasson
Spüth Magers- Senga Nengudi

Some other cools spots were Captain Petzel, Kuckei + Kuckei, and Gillmeier Rech.

There will be more to come! Thanks for reading.. Bc WHY NOT?

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