A Take on Empathy


Empathy goes beyond gender, beyond race, religion, sexuality and economic status. Empathy is a solution, and despite its complexity, a means of simplification. Something inherent yet simultaneously learnt. Empathy is our ultimate link to humanism – to understanding different realities and most importantly, without fear.

It could be simple if it wasn’t so hard. So hard to let go of embedded bias tendencies, judgmental behavior and superficial expectations.

I have learnt something about myself. I have learnt that the concept and action of empathy is a driving force within my identity. I probably claim to be more empathetic then I really am but I am not all that unempathetic either. My creative drive up to this point is intertwined within empathetic ideals and I will continue my projects with a more acute focus on how one might better converge such simply complicated solutions.

Thanks for reading…Bc WHY NOT?

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