Wand Erlism


Further elaborating on the trending art scene in Berlin, Wanderlism, a current interactive exhibition, brings street art indoors. With a mixed array of techniques, styles and found objects, Wanderlism fills a West Berlin building’s nooks and crannies. From old repurposed cars, swings and sofas to missing teeth, fake money, black lights, calligraphy, spray paint and then some there are plenty of places to explore and even climb into.

Continuing the success of similar exhibitions such as Das Haus (click here for my earlier write up on Das Haus) Wanderlism is keeping this particular scene alive. Dirty, random, raw and interestingly chaotic this is worth going to see. To give the art and the space an underground edge Wanderlism isn’t heavily self-advertising as much as it is depending on peoples’ posts and photo ops as a source of advertisement.

Free of charge, but donations welcomed, this is your Berliner art installation. It runs through the 24th of March and is worth a look. https://www.facebook.com/WANDELISM/

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