Colors through light and sound- SKALAR


In Berlin, where art is a prominent part of the culture and opportunities to lose ones self are sought after, all encompassing experiences are trending. One after another interactive, sensory loaded experience opens and the lines continue to grow longer.

Kraftwerk is known to hold such exhibitions that appeal to the crowds. The building is perfect with its vast space, unbelievably high ceilings, simple concrete decor and unique acoustics. The building alone has a dominating presence that leaves you feeling small and awestruck.

The latest is a light and sound exhibition created by Christopher and Kangding Ray titled, SKALAR Reflections on Light and Sound. Occupying the entire building is one large installation. The moment you enter the sound reverberates through your core, the rise and fall of the tones demand reaction and the lights are a visual phenomenon.

Viewers are welcome to stand, sit or lie down under the lights to focus on the sound and the constantly shifting colors. It is an individual experience as much as it is a shared one. The heartbeat raises and falls with the music as it relaxes and then quickens and as the lights fade, cut, and rotate with the sounds. Emotions are provoked as the viewer is submerged into the experience, and the otherwise darkened space is not enough to mask these feelings that ascend as one is overcome by the sound and the dancing colors.

Check out the installation through the 25th of February! There is only two more days left!!! 

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