Barbara Kruger-an artist’s message


Barbara Kruger is a conceptual artist and collagist. Trained as a graphic designer, she uses her knowledge of effective visual representations to get her points across. Recreated, often recognizable, magazine like images, simple colors schemes and carefully selected fonts all compliment the wittiness of her messages. Direct and aggressive Kruger challenges her audience.

Kruger’s themes focus on individual consciousness in our modern day- consumerism and capitalism are among the most popular – with a noticeable feminist tone. Her words pointy play at the human psyche- contextualizing, pulling from the inners of humanist mindsets, short, relatable – they seem to pull at something within each individual viewer. In short, what truly makes Kruger’s works so attainable is the ease in which it is understood on both personal and social levels.


Going through the images of her work, I felt motivated and attempt to write my own Krugerism. This one inspired more from her site specific installations.

Distraction is the modern way, to be distracted from boredom, to be distracted from self, to be distracted from distraction


Thank you for reading…Bc WHY NOT?

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