The culture of I


Products of capitalism, influenced by Freudian ideas and saturated in media, we are a culture of individuals. I reflect such individualism- the unending search for identity, self-understanding, self-worth, self-purpose and self-gain.

Therefore, identity has become a common theme in my writing and art. Not solely constructed around the idea of self-struggle, but simply because there is a contestant reaffirmation to search and to grow within one’s self. As circumstances constantly change, as your age increases, there is always something new to achieve, to apprehend.

Culturally driven, I surrender to the impulses of my time. Embracing the limitations and circumstances, I wish to understand. That is, to understand myself as an individual as well as myself within the larger cultural context of individuals.


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My photo is was taken at Sprüth Magers, a gallery in Berlin. The exhibition is called Forever by one of my favorite artists, Barbara Kruger.

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