My Day as a Model.


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Even for those who claim not to give a damn there is no way to avoid the world of fashion. Everyday we select our “chosen skin.” Our cloths are always an indication of self as well as our hairstyle and our makeup-or lack thereof.

As a personal test, I decided to give modeling a once off try. I went to a casting, presented myself for judgment and walked a “runway” through an apartment, pretending as if I knew what I was doing. I then spent a day at Area Club trying on this and that, getting my hair pulled and my face poked, squeezing into high heels and praying that I wouldn’t fall as well as putting on extra socks to fit into boots that were slightly too big. Changing wherever there was space, constantly having cameras flashing and riding the adrenalin rush of the runway.

What a different world. Honestly, I truly had fun and managed to meet some really cool and talented people. At the end of the day I was exhausted but had a bit of euphoria lingering as I walked home. While I teetered on the line of fitting into this world and yet still approaching with an outsider’s perspective, I am happy for the gained experience!

A shout out to the incredible people behind FASHION re:evolution: Eladio Luis Miguel Torres, Anne Lies and Marco Enrico Scaiano. These three put on the event in one week after the originally planned fashion week in Berlin was canceled. Amazing!

To acknowledge the labels I walked for: @jade_helene_designs, @yu_lin, @marrknull_studio

World, this is me!


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