Berlin is Art

The photographs are taken by the artist David Jose Fino Pereira


Can it really be considered illegal if it is socially accepted? The difference between being legal and illegal is a matter of permission, but whose permission?

Street art has undergone various identities throughout its history of wavering acceptance and scrutiny. There is a cultural acceptance linked to location, which in effect then determines the energy of the people, the energy of the town, city or village, the history and general views of the arts.

Berlin is art. It is a city of acceptance- grunge, punk, hipsters, old German souls and immigrants. It is a city of youth. Of live and let live. Of street art. The East Side gallery is the most commercial example, yet none-the-less, historically rooted. From the very beginnings of the wall and as it continued to loom over the divided city, it was a canvas for street art. For expression.

Today, locals and visitors alike continue to leave their mark throughout the city. From the numerous abandoned buildings to Berlin’s busy streets. Some of it is… lets say less appealing. Some talent can’t be ignored.

A local street artist I follow is one that makes you think because his art communicates. Makes you stop a second, read and engage. For your time it gives back in smiles. It is art that is visually pleasing, culturally relevant, creatively thoughtful and humorous. Often created from easily accessible text and images, it is cleverly curated and placed around the city.

Keep your eyes open. Perhaps make an exchange. Except the gift of a smile and either share or add to the art. Street art is a communal thing after all. Embrace. Connect. Share.

In this case it is not so much street art but a piece of paper that is in constant circulation, controlling your life…

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