That moment when you think to yourself, is this really happening?


Imagine. Me, in an airport, a few small bags over my shoulders, rushing for my next gate, a moving sidewalk.

Traveling in the summer months is often messy. Delays, missed connections, canceled flights and relentless customs lines. My delayed flight from NY lands in Paris. I am trying to quickly locate my next gate and I see airport staff approaching. In a half dazed rush I quickly step around the entrance of a moving sidewalk. I ask, is this the right direction to F55? Yes. OK. I go to turn and weave back around to the entrance of this moving sidewalk. I hit my knee on the moving hand railing instead. Aua. I fall forward. I am now leaning with my belly/crotch on the rail. I feel the pull of this moving handrail. Oohh nnoooo. Before I know it I am pulled up over the rail via my crotch and inner thighs and I am straddling the handrail.

Yes, that’s right. You read correctly. I am riding the handrail of the moving sidewalk. I am in complete disbelief. I have bags on both shoulders. My legs are dangling on either side of this handrail, my feet in the air riding the moving handrail.

All that runs through my head is, is this really happening?

Luckily, seconds later I am with it enough to swing my inner leg up and over the rail dismounting the handrail and the moving side walk all together in what I can only imagine was a graceful, gold medal worthy dismount.

Yup, that just happened. I burst out laughing. I have no time to stand there and contemplate how the hell I just managed to accomplish such a feat. But really, how the hell did I end up riding the handrail?! I couldn’t have done it again even if I tried! And my bags remained securely on my shoulders during the short flight.

Laughing out loud to myself and this time successfully walking around the handrail and properly getting onto the moving sidewalk I continued to my gate.

Did anyone else see this you may ask. Yes. One man. And the look I received in return I can only describe as the contorted facial expression of what the fuck? A confused mix of what is this girl trying to do?

Yea, well sir, that is a good question.

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