Lord Buckethead… The way of the future


I want to first take a moment and acknowledge that I am an avid fan of John Oliver. I regularly watch his show for giggles while gaining an interesting perspective of actual world events. This particular segment of John Oliver relates two fold to my past posts. One being Sexism with a capital S(mile):, yes, John went there and used this example of sexism in the work place, and the other has to do with voting in the UK.

Jonathan Pie may have ignited a new method of voting, but John Oliver pointed out a new type of politician- such as Lord Buckethead. As my English friend reconfirmed in response to my post  Zigazig ah, you can vote by drawing a shitting ass as long as it remotely indicates the candidate you wish to vote for, and that is valid! If this new method of voting is adapted then why not also vote for characters like Lord Buckethead? Perhaps his insight isn’t too bad, and perhaps there is something to doing things a bit differently. It is, after all, already hard to take some of these political leaders seriously.

Anyways, check it out! You may just be witnessing the next big political wave and… Bc why not?


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