That is just so typically me…oh baby baby…


 The ticks* that make us us are the ones we often don’t share. We keep them to ourselves not to breach the social constructs of supposed normalcy. I am normal after all.

But when spoken out loud it is a relief- a weight off the shoulders. Bc (because) you realize you are not alone. Together we can laugh and appreciate the oddities of human nature.  I am weird after all.

It just takes the strength to admit it out loud, to come to terms with and to break away from structured ideals of normalcy in order to feel the full freedoms within your ticks- to laugh at human imperfections- to laugh at your imperfections. We are all insanely sane after all.**

Tell someone something about yourself that you may have never shared before. A tick, a habit that has long been in the dark. It’s probably not so weird. I dare you.



*In this case, tick is used as in what makes someone tick/work. What are ones tendencies?

**To give credit where credit is due, a dear friend was the one who coined “insanely sane.”

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